Batrosa Concrete Products manufactures a huge range of fibre and concrete reinforced pipes for clients throughout North Queensland. Our selection includes:

We also sell sand bands—available in sizes from 300mm to 1500mm—that are used to join the pipes together with a firm seal. Our pipes are a strong and affordable choice for your next construction project. They’re also lightweight, making them convenient for handling or placing in storage.

Call Batrosa Concrete Products in Mackay today to get the pipes you need.

Box Culverts

At Batrosa Concrete Products, we construct heavy-duty box culverts for clients in the civil and agricultural industry, as well as regional councils throughout Mackay and its surrounds.

Our culverts can be manufactured within the following dimensions:

We also offer custom engineered designs upon request. Our culverts are manufactured to meet Main Roads regulations and are made using extremely tough 50 MPa concrete. Base slabs are also available in all sizes. Call us today to discuss your requirements.


Batrosa Concrete Products manufactures a wide range of precast headwalls and wing walls to suit various industrial and civil drainage applications.

Our wing walls accommodate pipes ranging from 300mm to 1200mm in diameter. We also construct sloping headwalls that accommodate pipes ranging from 300 to 600mm in diameter.

These headwalls are all made of 40 MPa concrete and are fitted with the relevant lifting anchor points for ease of handling. Most of them are built to suit most small box culverts. Call our Mackay team today for more information on sizing and availability.

Septic Tanks

At Batrosa Concrete Products, we design and manufacture custom-built septic, rainwater and holding tanks at highly competitive prices

Our tanks have a range of 1,650L, 3,000L and 4,500L. We also provide risers, lids and replacement parts for all the tanks we construct.

Each reinforced precast tank is made with 40 MPa concrete and comes fitted with the relevant lifting anchors. 

Grease Traps & Distribution Boxes 
Our 45L grease traps and 3-way distribution boxes are suited for most residential applications. We also supply lids, risers and replacement parts. Plumbers throughout North Queensland come to us for quality grease traps at affordable prices. Call us today for a quote.

Sewer & Stormwater Systems

Batrosa Concrete Products constructs quality sewer and stormwater systems that meet both civil and regional council requirements. We manufacture shaft sections, spacer rings, flat reducer slabs, Gatic covers and galvanised grates to suit your specific needs.

Our 1050, 1200, 1500 diameter shaft sections are built to the following heights:

All precast sewer and stormwater components are manufactured at our Mackay Harbour worksite using 40 MPa concrete. Call us today to discuss pricing on our custom or standard sizing options.

Concrete Pits

At Batrosa Concrete Products, we build heavy-duty precast concrete pits and risers for clients throughout North Queensland. Whatever size or style you require, we can construct a pit to suit your specifications. We also manufacture a huge range of galvanised lids, grates and infill lids from high-grade steel.

Our concrete pits and risers are ideal for stormwater collection or running electrical cabling. Call us today to discuss which class requirement you need.

Dissipator Pits
Designed for mine sites and farms, our dissipator pits disperse water evenly in order to
prevent future erosion issues. Call us today to order a custom-built or standard-sized model.

Electrical Pits

Batrosa Concrete Products manufactures a wide range of custom-built and pre-made electrical pits to suit your electrical or telecommunications project.

We construct QR type 1 and 2 pits in standard sizing using high-quality concrete. Our electrical pits can also be fitted with galvanised lids in either 6mm or 10mm thickness to ensure effective coverage for your equipment.

Call us at our Mackay Harbour worksite today to discuss our ‘bottomless’ precast electrical pits.

Rural Products

We design and manufacture a broad range of hard-wearing rural products to suit your farm or country property. Whether you need a standard size or a custom-build, we construct:

Our troughs are manufactured onsite and can be transported direct to your door. Call Batrosa Concrete Products in Mackay today for a competitive deal.

Small Products

Batrosa Concrete Products manufactures concrete blocks, precast slabs, wheel stops and more for residential and commercial clients throughout North Queensland. Check out the types of small products we custom-build, or call us to discuss your individual requirements.

Concrete Blocks
At Batrosa Concrete Products, we manufacture 1 and 2 tonne blocks that are fitted with lifting anchor points and ferrules. Whether you need blocks to build a wall, tie-down a tent or install a security barrier, we construct them to suit your specifications. Our standard block sizes are:

All blocks are fabricated using 40 MPa concrete.

Precast Slabs
Our precast slabs are built-to-last and come in a range of finishes including plain, textured and rippled. Whether you need to place one underneath your air conditioning unit, hot water system—or even make steps in the garden, our slabs are ideal for a range of applications.

All slabs manufactured are steel reinforced and made with 40 MPa concrete.

Bridge Slabs & Wheel Stops
At Batrosa Concrete Products, we stock a large range of bridge slabs and wheel stops in both standard and heavy-duty sizes. Steel reinforced and made with 40 MPa concrete—our slabs and wheel stops also include lifting anchor points to make transporting them simple. Call us today to get a no-obligation quote.


At Batrosa Concrete Products, we supply a range of accessories to suit many of our precast concrete components. Our selection of accessories include:

Whether you need a frog flap for your box culvert or step irons to climb out of a manhole, we have the parts you need at affordable prices. Call us today to discuss what accessories you need for your next project