Septic Tanks & Rainwater Tanks

Our Septic Tanks range from 1,650L, 3,000L and 4,500L and we also manufacture replacement parts for all tanks that we construct.
Each reinforced precast tank is manufactures with 40 MPa concrete and come fitted with the relevant lifting anchors.

You can also add to your tank where needed a 45L Grease Trap and or a 3 Way Distribution Box. These are suited for most residential applications.  We also manufacture replacement parts and risers for these products.

Plumbers  throughout Regional and North Queensland come to us our quality products.

45 Litre Grease Trap and Strainer - Precast Concrete in Mackay, QLD

Grease Trap and Parts

45L Residential Grease Trap
Grease Trap Lid
Grease Trap Risers–made to order above 150mm (H)
Grease Trap Basket & Strainer
Grease Trap I.O cover
150mm Grease Trap Riser
200mm Grease Trap Riser
300mm Grease Trap Riser
400mm Grease Trap Riser


3 Way Distribution Box - Precast Concrete in Mackay, QLD
Distribution Box

3-way distribution box–400mm

1650L Tank Parts
1430mm Dia Tank Lid
1430mm Dia x 300mm (H) Tank Riser
1430mm Dia x 450mm (H) Tank Riser

3000L Tank Parts
1930mm Dia Tank Lid
1930mm Dia x 300mm (H) Tank Riser
1930mm Dia x 600mm (H) Tank Riser
1930mm Dia underground water tank lid c/w L/D or H/D cast iron access lid
Manhole access lid
Small peep eye (130mm Dia)
Large peep eye (190mm Dia)

Rainwater Tanks

23000L Aboveground Rainwater Tank 
7000L Belowground Rainwater Tank