Batrosa Concrete Products



Batrosa Concrete Products are the only local producers of Step Treads in the Mackay area.

Step treads can be produced to suit both domestic and commercial applications. They are steel reinforced and made with 40 MPA concrete.


Batrosa Concrete Products manufactures and supplies a variety of products for the home and garden, ranging from garden edging, tree surrounds and BBQ settings.

All items are made from 40 MPA concrete and are fully steel reinforced.



Batrosa Concrete Products currently produce 1 tonne & 2 tonne blocks which are manufactured with lifting points and ferrules. These blocks can be used for a variety of applications including the use for tie-down blocks. All blocks are made from 40 Mpa concrete

Our standard block sizes are:
     1 Tonne Blocks                   900 x 900 x 550mm (H)
     2 Tonne Blocks                   1550 x 750 x 720mm (H)
     Link Blocks                         1200 x 600 x 590mm (H)
     1/2 Link Blocks                   600 x 600 x 590mm (H)
     Container Support Blocks    550 x 550 x 250mm (H)

Blocks can also be manufactured to your requested size and weight requirements, just give one of our helpful sales staff a call to help with your requirements.



Pre-cast slabs are available from Batrosa Concrete Products in a wide range of sizes and styles including plain, textured and ripple finishes.

Concrete slabs can be used in applications within the home and or garden, under air-conditioning units, gas bottles or hot water systems.

All slabs are reinforced and made from 40 MPA concrete.



Batrosa Concrete Products carry a large stock of Bridge Slabs and Wheel Stops in both standard and Heavy Duty sizes, making for prompt supply of these items.

All items are made with steel reinforcing and 40 MPA concrete and include lifting anchors.