Batrosa Concrete Products


Batrosa Concrete Products supplies a range of Lifting Clutches suitable for lifting precast concrete items fitted with approved Lifting Anchors.

Designed so that they can not disengage whilst under load, Lifting Clutches are available in a range of Working Load Limits and come with certification certificates.


Batrosa Concrete Products supplies Backflow Prevention Devices, commonly known as Frog Flaps or Flap Valves, these items are available in a large range of sizes.

Available in Ring Mount, Wall Mount, Grated and Bolt On, these devices are suitable for application to pipes, box culverts and head walls.


Batrosa Concrete Products also sell Mastic in two lengths - 2.4M & 3.6M, Sand Bands used to join pipe and available in sizes suitable to all standard pipe from 300 Dia. to 1300 Dia., and Step Irons for inclusion in any precast product that requires help for you get out of those tight spaces.

Please contact one of our helpful Sales Staff and they will be able to help you with your enquiries.