Batrosa Concrete Products





"Under New Ownership & Management"

Batrosa Concrete Products is the largest independent locally owned and operated pre-cast manufacturer in North Queensland, with a site that covers over 14000m2.

Operating in the Mackay area for over 60 years, Batrosa clients include Local Councils, Contractors, Mines and Major Civil Engineering Firms as well as Local Farmers and the domestic trade.

With the ability to manufacture customized precast and one-off specialized orders, Batrosa is able to meet most customer requirements with a prompt and reliable service. We also have large stock holdings of standard products available and our crane truck is available to unload on site if required.

Batrosa Concrete Products comply with Australian Standards and are Main Roads compliant. Batrosa Concrete Products Quality Management System ensures all products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2016


Batrosa designs and manufactures a diverse range of products for the civil, industrial, agricultural, domestic and mining industry including, but not limited to;

  • Septic Tanks from 1,650lt to 4,500lt
  • Underground Rainwater Tanks to 5,500lt
  • Pump Wells and Holding Tanks from 450lt to 5,500lt
  • Fiber Reinforced Flush Jointed Pipe from 225 Dia. to 750 Dia. - Class 2-4
  • Concrete Reinforced Flush Jointed Pipe from 300 Dia to 1500 Dia - Class 2-4
  • Box Culverts from 450mm spans to 3600mm spans
  • Head Walls to suit Pipe and Box Culverts
  • Precast Pits – Standard and Custom made
  • Manhole Components covering 1050 Dia.
  • Road Gully Pits
  • Cattle Troughs - Round 500lt & 1,500lt
  • Cattle Troughs - Rectangle 1,300ltr
  • Feed Lot Troughs
  • Stair Treads - domestic & commercial
  • Wide variety of Precast Slabs for paving and air-conditioning
  • Truck Hire available